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I love reviews. I look up reviews before I buy anything or go to a particular restaurant. Sometimes I don’t and have bad experiences. So I decided to to put up my own reviews to give others an idea of what the product is all about or if the restaurant is worth a visit. Take note I am not paid to do any of these and these are strictly my own opinion or the guest reviewer’s. The review is not intended to smear anyone’s name . If the review is not so good, please improve the product/service/food. I consider my review fair and unbiased but as mentioned , just my personal opinion.

If its an invited review, I will state it to be fair to the readers. Most of the time I am brutally honest so be prepared for an honest review.

If you wish to be reviewed, do email me at lerev@reviewseverything.com . I prefer to come as a mystery shopper so that I am not obligated to rave about your product if it is not worth raving about. You can email me background and useful information.

If you think the review is unfair, do email me too at lerev@reviewseverything.com. I will do a second visit then – without your knowledge of course : 🙂


Le Rev

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Elle,
    I like your approach to taking your reviews. Telling it like it is from your own eyes! I must say I would like to try a some of your Malaysian food. I live in the San Francisco area and we do have a variety of different cuisines here. I’m going to have to locate a local restaurant. Those dishes look so delicious! Hey, do you think Chef Li will deliver to the USA? LOL

    All joking aside you have a very nice website, Elle.


    1. Thanks,Julie! Well, the trend now is to invite bloggers to review your food or products. When you are paid or invited to do it, you have to naturally write good reviews! Really not my style. If its not good, I would like to say its not good rather than sugar coat it.Malaysia is famous for good food because of our multi culture! Do come visit us!

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