Epson All-in-One Printer L210

My Epson printer literally died on me – it just decided that it had enough and died after I printed some 30 pages of documents. And guess what, it was 1 month after the warranty period ! I seriously do suspect that it was designed to do that ! I sent it for repair at one of the authorised Epson service center . They charge you Rm53 (USD14) just to check which has to paid upfront. I received a quote 2 days later informing me that it will cost Rm246 (USD65) to replace the  Main Board and Print Head. I decided to get a new one with warranty instead.

Guess what – I bought the same model . Yeah , so you know how much I must have loved my printer ! Anyway it cost Rm439 (USD115) on promotion plus a TWO years warranty – yayyy !

Here it is : The Epson All-in-One Printer L210 :

Epson L210

It Prints, Copy and Scans. Really simple to use.

Best of all , it is economical. I love colors and will print anything colored in color. Nowadays , printes are really cheap but the ink cost a fortune ! I opted for the Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) which those days, was manually done by the Printer shop for Canon and Brother printers. I had endless problems with the colors getting stuck and all. So when I came upon Epson L210  13 months ago , the CISS was factory fitted so logically, less or no problems.

It uses bottled ink costing only Rm20 ((USD5) each and I bottle of black ink is suppose to print like 4000 pages !  Below are the ink I have purchased before but the new purchased printer comes with 4 bottles of the ink in vacuum pack.

Epson L210 ink


Its really easy to refill : just open up and fill to the maximum line:

Epson L21o

As for the print quality , I tested a standard and high quality print on normal A4 paper from this picture which I randomly downloaded from Google images :

Epson L210

The result was this : As you can see, not much difference  but I thought the colors were acceptable on A4 normal paper.

Epson L210

I then printed on Epson Premium Glossy paper which is like Photo paper. Whoa ! You can see the difference !

epson L210 print

I was impressed. To be honest I have never printed any photos  – who does anyway ? By the way the glossy print took 5 minutes ! Worth the wait though. Quality was awesome!

The Photocopy function is straightforward. There are only 4 buttons on the printer. The second button is to copy black and white and the third is to copy in color.

Epson L210

The Scan Function is pretty cool too . It has 4 modes :

1. Fully Auto Mode which is like what you see is what you get, no size or color adjustment.

2. Home Mode where you can adjust scan area, preview scan and color restoration.

3. Office Mode where you can adjust the resolution , color and size

4. Professional Mode which I love cos you not only can do all the above but also scan continuos pages into PDF.

The only thing is that there is NO instruction manual on how to use all the functions so I had to check everything online especially the scanning part. That’s another reason to buy back the same model – saves me time to re-learn how to use it !

This is the first time I ever bought a same printer model twice . Except for the short life span of the first one, I really have no complaints about it. I was advised to at least  print something every 3-4 days to prevent the ink for drying on the head . I did not do that as I would sometimes be away for 2 months . This could be the reason for the short life.

With a 2 years warranty, I do wonder if it will die on the 25th month ???

Rating: 9/10


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