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I have attended some courses on Facebook Advertising and had been using FB ads for my products. It works sometimes, other times the results were not that great. I would attend seminars and previews here and there in hope of learning more and to keep myself updated as Facebook changes its algorithm ever so often.

Some of my peers recommended that FB advertisers should sign up for Facebook Go – a program where a Facebook Account Manager is assigned to you and guide you over a month’s period on your advertisements. I received good testimonies of how helpful the Account Manager can be and that after that one month , you are still allowed to contact them if you face problems. Have you ever tried to send an email to Facebook ? Its as good as banging the wall !

The minimum commitment was Rm50 (USD12.50)  a day – totaling Rm1500 (USD375) a month. At the end of the period , they may give you a Rm150(USD37.50) voucher for completing the program ( and spending Rm1500) .Facebook Go

So I signed up. First a telemarketer called me to confirm that I have signed up and made sure I understood about spending Rm1500(USD375). That was okay with me  since I was spending that amount a month anyway. She then made a appointment for an Account Manager to call me. The deal was that the Account Manager will call me once a week for about 30 mins and go through with me hands-on to do my FB ads. I was actually quite excited as I have a new product which I was not sure how to market.

The Account Manager Lai ( name changed to protect his job ! ) was quite nice and we went straight to the point- create an FB ad. Since I have been advertising , it was a breeze and naturally I was disappointed as I had expected perhaps a new exciting technique which I have not learnt. Anyway, we created an ad together and I waited expectantly for the results.

We made appointment for the next call for the following week. After 3 days , the ad performed really badly and I did not get the results I wanted. I was not sure if I should changed it or what. I could only email to Lai. Lai had been professional and right after the first call, sent me more materials to read on how to do an Fb ad etc. All these resources can be found in Facebook , FREE.

I made some minor changes to the ad but the results were still bad. On the 2nd call, we went through the the bad results and he decided we should do a split test using Facebook Power Editor. Okayyyyy…I have learnt how to use Power Editor but was not good at it . Anyway he taught me to do the split tests and we did quite a number just so I could get used to it. Finally learning something ! Yess !




Shouldn’t we have done split test in the first week ? Anyway we still didn’t get the desired results or anywhere near it. Third week, we changed the split tests again. Still no results. One good thing is that you are allowed to use the budget for other ads so I switched the budget to my current performing ads and reduce the budget for the new product.

By the 4th and last call, there was nothing much to say. And NO, I will NOT be able to email him directly after the 30 days. He showed me some resources how to reach them and someone will answer my query in 24 hours . Hello, who was the one who told me I get personal care for 1 year?


In all fairness Lai also did some homework and showed me some of my competitors ads. The thing is , even though we did the exact same thing ie same target market etc , the performance of the ad is different. Lai did not comment at all on the copy-writing and image which I feel could be the major problem. I think he also felt bad that the ads did not perform well.

Will I recommend Facebook Go to anyone ? Well…if you are new to Facebook Ads, yes , by all means go for it. If you are a seasoned advertiser…nayyy. You know your product better and your target market better.

My Rating: 6/10

If you are new to Facebook Ads and want someone to hold your hand :


If you do not want to commit Rm1500 , just get this :

Facebook Advertising


Note: Currency conversion at 1USD=Rm4.00


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