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A craving for Bah Kut Teh brought us to our neighborhood shop ,Hawk & Fish which seems to have rave reviews.

Hawk & Fish serves favorite local hawker   food and British pub grub. Sounds good so lets check it out.


I am a small eater and usually just share a serving with my meal partner. We asked the waiter if the portion was enough to share and he advised that it was just enough for 1 person. since we were set on Bah Kut teh, the choice was obvious. We ordered the Ancestral Original Bakuteh and Dry Style Bakuteh.

The menu picture was really good …

Hawk & Fish Menu

As we were the only other customer, the food arrived pretty quickly. I understood then why the waiter said it was for one person …… This was exactly what we were served. Half filled 5″ claypot with maybe 8 pcs layered pork, some enoki mushrooms , bits of lettuce and coriander. If there is pork ball, I must have missed it but its ok cos its not favorite anyway.

By the way , “Bah kut” means rib and anywhere you eat Bah Kut Teh, you do get a choice of ribs, lean or stomach “3 layer” meat,etc.  The meat was really fat but for once I ate them. They are soft and quite nice actually but the soup is really mild. Ann didn’t like the fat so she removed them.

Hawk & fish Ancestral Original Bakuteh

Our disappointment with the soup was overcome by the Dry Style Bakuteh even though the portion served was quite pathetic .

Hawk & fish Dry Style Bakuteh

There were few pieces of pork just lining the bottom of the 5″ claypot . All were forgiven when we tasted it. It tasted more like Black soy sauce Pork but it was good. It was also the 3 layer pork , but soft and nice. Really good with rice . Talking about rice ………….”sigh ” . Please, white rice should be fluffed after cooking. We were served “clumpy” rice and Ann, being the more fussy eater….. could not help complaining about it all through dinner ! Can’t blame her as she was attacked by mosquitoes and was in irritable mood by then. We asked the waiter for help and he moved the mosquito trap nearer to us.

We finished as fast as we could to get away from the mozzies. When we paid at the cashier, we complained about the clumpy rice. The cashier did not seem surprised and told us that she has complained to the chef before .  So looked like we were not the only ones unhappy.

They seem to have some other interesting food if you care to try.

Hawk & Fish

50 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1,

Taman Tun Dr Ismail

60000 Kuala Lumpur

Rating: 6/10


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