HYLA Air and Room Cleaning System

On a recent trip back to Kuala Lumpur, a friend thought I would benefit from this great cleaning system (aka vacuum cleaner as she calls it) which she came across.
HYLA Premium Store
We stopped by Hyla Premium Store at MYTown Shopping Center in Jalan Cochrane, Kuala Lumpur. Outlook of the store was classy and there was a Swarovski Crystal Hyla model on display . Wow !

Swaroski HYla
Said to cost Rm80K !
swarovski HYLA
Oooooooh…….would you even use it ?

We were greeted by a friendly staff Shahrul who took us through the demo.
Initially I thought everything was to be done in this coffee place which was definitely tempting and visible from the outside. As it was quite late they were out of coffee ! (Better luck next time!)

Coffee Bar
Aiyah…no more coffee??

After a brief intro into the History and background of Hyla , we were ushered into a room behind the coffee place. A nice cozy theatrette awaits us and we watched a Hyla commercial. The room smelt pleasantly of eucalyptus. Hmmm…impressed so far….

mini theathre
The Mini theatre . Short commercial.

Shahrul then demonstrated the air cleaning function of the Hyla. Air cleaning ? I could and definitely need that in KL . No wonder it smelt so fresh in the room. Definitely a plus point for Hyla.

air cleaning

We were then ushered through another door ! Wow isn’t this like Alice in Wonderland?
Found ourselves in a mock up living room ! Sharul showed us the different accessories and the functions . Hyla is definitely a powerful machine!

lving room
The Living Room.

There was even a single bed next to the living room to represent the bedroom. Shahrul demonstrated what I considered the high point for the entire demo – vacuuming the mattress ! I have heard of those annoying dust mites and tiny crawlies which exist in the mattress and had always been concerned for my daughter’s health as she is sensitive to dust and susceptible to asthma.

Dust Mite Buster !

There is a special attachment with a strong motor which is used to vacuum those pesky dust mites from the mattress and cushions. He really sold me on this benefit. I could use the same attachment for cushions and sofa !

You can imagine I was sold just on the dust mite buster and the air cleaner! We were ushered into a discussion room and the price was not as frightening as I thougth it will be! Ranging from RM8,500 to RM12,000 + I thought it was a fair price for what it can do! Plus they also offer easy payments !

My verdict: 5 stars !



9 thoughts on “HYLA Air and Room Cleaning System

  1. Holy cow this is a luxurious cleaner.. And i like it! It could be motivating enough to clean the house even everyday 🙂

  2. Exactly like the Rainbow Vacuum cleaner concept except this is with swarovski? Maybe design wise is prettier. Not sure the functions similar.but what you mentioned Rainbow covers them and its a 10 in 1 festure for Rainbow I think… its rm10k+ no showroom but they come to ur house to demo and vacuum ur bed for u. I saw this shop at MyTown but never went in cos it gave me the feeling their vacuum is for orang “atas” but now u mention the price, same like rainbow but prettier lolx

    1. Hi Sebrinah, Hyla is supposedly better than Rainbow cos the filter is self cleaning. Ya their showroom seems very “atas” but they are nice people ! 🙂

  3. My goodness! I would be the cleaning queen in my house if I have a cleaning system like this one. I can imagine how graceful I could look will vaccuum cleaning the living room if I have Hyla’s Vaccuum Cleaner.

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