International Tongue Twister Day

November 13 is International Tongue Twisters Day.

I didn’t even know there is an International Tongue Twister Day till a friend sent me what was claimed as the world’s hardest tongue twister in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Try this:

tongue twister

Now try it faster and repeat…… I just went shhhhhhh shhh shhhh….hahahahah

Apparently there is now a contender to this title ;


tongue twister

Did some just coin this to irritate you? It is claimed that if you try to repeat that ten times, you get so tongue tied yu might just stop talking altogether ! I tried couldn’t even repeat ten times!

How about this simple one:

Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry

Red Lorry,Yellow Lorry

Red Lorry ,Yellow Lorry   …faster and faster …rorry rorry……

tongue twister day

So why are tongue twisters so difficult ? Research has shown that it really messes up our brain when we try to repeat similar words fast. As we speak we must coordinate the lips,tongue, jaw and larynx. The brain is confused when we attempt to jump between two identical sounds, confusing one sound with another. Anyway thats the ‘technical” part of it.

In any case, tongue twisters are fun and regardless whether you celebrate the day or not, it is a good challenge/ game at any party or gathering .

Do you remember ” She sells seashells on the seahore”  and “Peter Pecker”?

What’s your favorite tongue twister ?

Have Fun!


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