Morganfield’s Ibérico Baby Rack


Do we need an excuse to eat out ? Not really, but celebration is always fun. Last day of second semester for Ann ! Yayy….let’s go for ribs !

I have not been to Morganfield’s and Ann had raved about the ribs and was certain I would absolutely love it ! We went to the one in eCurve and decided to order the one on promotion . 2 Iberico baby racks ribs  for Rm88.88 (USD22) – usual price Rm118.80 (USD29). That was in celebration of their 8th outlet in Sunway Pyramid. Good value indeed.


Iberico Baby Rack ribs

We wanted to order Ann’s fave Onion Blossom but they were out of onions. Oh…..seriously ???? Ann was truly disappointed – should we move to Tony Roma’s to get her onion blossom craving fixed? Never mind ….she still wanted me to try Morganfield’s . 🙂  The waiter came back to tell us that they are also out of onion rings which was supposed to come with the Jack Daniels ribs and will be substituted by fries. Hey,Chef, did somebody forget to order onions ? No choice but to accept fries.

We waited quite a bit for the food even though we were the only second customer of the evening. We decided to order some corn bread to pass time – and that came really fast !


Corn Bread
Corn Bread

The corn bread looked like cup cakes and were fluffy and corny ( pun intended !) ! Warm and delicious , good start !

Finally our ribs were served. Iberico is the Spanish black pig and supposedly fed with acorns and has evenly distributed marbling. So the meat is supposed to be ultra delish ! The Baby Rack Ribs is from the back of the pig.


First to arrive was the Jim Beam BBQ Iberico Baby Rack Ribs. It came slathered with the special Jim Beam BBQ sauce . (Who is Jim Beam ? Founder of Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey 🙂 ). We practically pulled the ribs apart – soft and melts in the mouth , the meat just falling off the bones. Yum yum. I found it kinda salty but the others thought it was just right. Really finger licking good. The ribs were served with fried and 2 spoonfuls of coleslaw.

Jim Beam BBQ Iberico Baby Rack ribs
Jim Beam BBQ Iberico Baby Rack ribs

Then came the Jack Daniels Glazed Iberico Baby Rack. The Jack Daniels (as in Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey) sauce is supposed to be the king of all glaze ! Sticky and sweet , with the soft meat of the ribs…….the absence of onion rings was forgiven.

Jack Daniels Glazed Iberico Baby Rack
Jack Daniels Glazed Iberico Baby Rack

The portions were quite generous. The 2 dishes were enough for four of us. We ordered another 2 corn bread but could not finish them. Great outing. We will be back for more ! They don’t call themselves House of Sticky Bones for nothing !


Rating: 8/10


G25, Ground Floor,

No. 2A, Jalan PJU 7/3,

Mutiara Damansara,

47810, Petaling Jaya,Selangor



Cheers !


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2 thoughts on “Morganfield’s Ibérico Baby Rack

  1. Wow – this post made me drool all over my hands and keyboard!
    I’m a huge sucker for ribs, cornbread and beer – all at once.
    Ribs is one of those things I rarely cook myself, so I’m always ordering them when I go out.
    Thanks for the review!

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