Power Of Play Workshop by Barbara Brewster

Do you know how to play ? What a question! Doesn’t everyone know how to play? Apparently not. As we grow older into adulthood, we tend to lose it. Suddenly we are all serious, all adult and don’t play anymore – and I don’t mean golf or tennis. Barbara calls it “adult-itis” .

Out of curiosity, hubby and me attended this workshop by Barbara Brewster. It was at The Lift Gallery in Maleny – an arty place with a great raw food cafe!

There were 11 of us all ready to play! First was the introduction – we had to add an adjective with the same letter as our name like Amazing Alice, Jumping Jack and do an action as well. Then everyone else will imitate you. Loads of fun. There were other introduction games telling total strangers about yourself and reasons why you joined the Power of Play. I found that kind of draggy and ran out of reasons to say cos’ you are not suppose to repeat the same pitch to a new friend.

Another fun game was kind of like follow the leader .For example somebody will say “I have and idea – lets all do the twist” and all will echo “Lets do the twist” and all will twist till somebody comes up with another idea. It was totally hilarious and so much fun. (Seriously, I had so much fun I forgot and also did not have time to take photos cos’ I did not want to miss the fun! )

What I really liked was the word games. It really makes you think on your feet and be spontaneous. Quite frightening at first when you do not  know what the next person will say. There was word association and making stories ..my brain was on overdrive!

So what does all that play mean? Barbara debriefed after each session and explained how the game relates to our everyday life. Definitely an eye opener.

Hubby was very self conscious at first but later relaxed and enjoyed himself when he realised that people do not think less or bad of him if he said something funny. After all there is no right or wrong. The workshop helped him put aside his self-consciousness and step out.

For me, I  have never bothered with what people think of me but it was a good release of stress to be able to play and laugh out loud – very loud ! The word games were really challenging but totally good exercise for the brain. The workshop taught me how to think more creatively and spontaneously. Will I do it again ? YES!

You can check out Barbara Brewster’s website at www.barbarabrewster.com for the next Power of Play.

Definitely reccommended !

Cheers – gotta go play now …..

El Rev


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