Saturday Night Fever The Musical

Yayyy….. I won 2 tickets to Saturday Night Fever  The Musical at  the Munchy’s contest. I only checked the winner’s list on Tuesday and the tickets were only for that very night !

Since my good friend just had her birthday ,I decided to bring her with me as a treat.

Going to Istana Budaya was not too bad considering it was around 7.30 pm as we were a bit worried about the traffic.

Munchy’s had a table near the entrance to collect our tickets. There were also promoters giving away Munchy’s Oat Krunch samples.

The Iconic Pose
The Iconic Pose

There was also a lucky draw for every ticket holder. I got a voucher for 50% off the next 4 tickets for the Musical which my friend got a Rm30 off for Red Deals online shopping.

Program books were on sale and you get a chance to take photos with the cast. Ah well…..if only it was John Travolta ( when he was young! ) ….hahahaha

John Travolta in 1977
John Travolta in 1977
John Travolta now
John Travolta now


Anyway, for the uninitiated, Saturday Night Fever is a 1977 film featuring the disco era then . Story line is simple – 19 year old boy, Tony Manero in a dead end job ,one who loves to dance and dreams of being a disco king. Meets girl, Stephanie who is a great dancer and both decided to team up to compete in the dance Contest. Most of the songs in Saturday Night Fever are from the Bee Gees – the popular ones like Staying Alive, More than A Woman, Night Fever , How Deep is Your Love. My favorite is More than A Woman – never get tired of it !

We were in the Upper Circle ( cheapest seats , but then can’t complain when its FREE 🙂 ) Upper circle seats are kind high up so you have to look down to watch. Kind of  far too.

Photos, videos and food were not allowed so I did not want to risk being thrown out.

The show started on time and we were immersed into the 70’s with an array of songs, dance and dialog. To be honest I really not not remember the actual film anymore except for the songs and the Night Fever dance. Certain parts a bit draggy by not too bad.

What I really did not like were the lights . There was a scene where everyone danced at the club to Disco Inferno and oh my gosh, the flashing lights were really too strong and blinding ; we could not even see the dancers . We tried shielding the lights with our hands but you can just imagine the front and back spotlights blinking furiously to the disco beat. Worst 3 minutes ever ! I just closed my eyes!

The singing was pretty good – though of course nothing compared to the Bee Gees. Tony could have also sung with more emotions for How Deep Is Your Love ( found it void of emotions) .

I managed to sneak snapped a few pic at the finale dance ( If they throw me out now also ok since finishing…hahahaha )

Saturday Night Fever - The Musical
What it looks like from Upper Circle

Saturday Night Fever - the Musical



Promotional photo
Promotional photo


The show brought back a lot of memories of the disco era. It was not a WOW show but nicely adapted to a Musical. Enjoyable evening.

Satuday Night Fever The Musical run from September 4-13,2015 at Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur.


Rating: 6.5/10

Enjoy the trailer :

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