The Hunt for Sunflower Fields

Jan 30,2016

When I heard that there are  Sunflower Fields are about 250km from Sunshine Coast, I wanted to see one. Hubby , as usual, wanted to grant my hearts desire and we decided to go hunt them down.

Our friend Stan just moved to Esk 2 months ago and has invited us to visit him. How timely! We left Sunshine Coast on a leisurely drive to Esk, passing Kilcoy and enjoyed the amazing views of Somerset Dam.

After spending a great night of fellowship and catching up with friends in Esk, we left for Toowoomba the following morning to visit the Farmers Market in Toowoomba before beginning our hunt. However Mr GPS prompted that there was no market on that day?

Anyway we did a short visit to Queens Park but the summer heat was too much at 11am. We then went to Picnic Point to have a great view of the foot of the Great Dividing Range. We also had a walk at the Japanese Garden and then decided to start our hunt.

While the famed Sunflower route was supposedly a 50km route from Allara to Warwick, covering Nobby and Cambooya, a check with other bloggers showed that there are no fields in those areas except for a few near Nobby.

Cambooya Post Office
Cambooya Post Office

En route to Cambooya we came across love fields of brownish red color instead of the yellow we were hunting for.

A closer look at it – red sorghum ! Beautiful ,no doubt but I am determined to get my sunflower !

Sorghum fields


Close up of sorghum
Close up of sorghum

We passed CAmbooya and headed to Nobby. No luck! One blogger recommended a field between Clifton and Nobby.

We headed towards Clifton. Saw a field of dried sunflower. My heart sank. Is the season really over?

Drying sunflower - Is the season over?
Drying sunflower – Is the season over?

Clifton is just a small little villagewith few shops. We stopped by a cafe for coffee and asked them about the elusive sunflower fields. They gave us some directions and also told us some “horror” stories of sunflower field hunters !

The Sunflower field owner is a friend of the cafe owner and mentioned how frustrating it was to have people come and trample over the sunflower plants to get a good instagram pic. The one which took the cake was a group of newly wed couple who decided to take their wedding photos amidst  the beautiful sunflowers (without permission of course). Not only did they destroy the crops which is actually their livelihood , they also exposed themselves to a lot of danger. They were just lucky they did not come across SNAKES ! Plenty of them ! So please, future sunflower hunters, be considerate.

We left with fresh hope and followed instructions. It was an alternative route to Toowoomba after Nobby. Suddenly it was just there before us.

Sea and sea of yellow sunflowers. WOW,WOW and WOW! Thank you Lord for creating sunflowers! WOW!

sunflower field

sunflower fields


It was extremely windy so the flowers were blown in one direct. But oh….so beautiful ….awesome…lovely!

sunflower field


There were 2 layers of electric fence. We went through the first and as a respect we just took photos in front of the second fence. This is the last of the fields. The rest had been harvested. I just could not get over it. So Happy we found the fields.

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