Sunshine September

It had been such a heart-warming day, I just have to share it with you.

How much do you really know about autism other than that somebody’s kid has it ? Autism covers a wide spectrum of disorders and to this day, doctors and scientists cannot pin point a single cause of autism due to also the wide spectrum of causes from the age of parent to genetics issues. 1 in 68 children may have autism – isn’t that scary ? Early detection and intervention is the key to helping these special kids.

One good example is Umar Hafizal , a 15 year old austistic child now becoming a singing sensation. Do take a look at his video HERE ===> .

Suria KLCC has pledged to give Rm1 for every like for that vido so please…..go “Like” ,Ok ? Even though it has reached the targeted 10,000 by the time you read this ( almost there at time of post) , please continue to show your support ya !

Yesterday saw the launch of Sunshine September by Suria KLCC in Alamanda Shopping Center, Putrajaya. I loved the theme color – PURPLE !

Sunshine September


There was an opening performance by Najwa Mahiaddin . I have never heard of her until “After the Rain”  was released but this is the first time I have seen her live. Her performance was soulful and powerful. Excellent!

Midway through her presentation there was this teen (obviously autistic) who walked in front of the VIPs like a boss. At first, a carer tried to coax him back to his seat but then just left him alone. It was heartwarming that the VIPs just smiled at him and nobody was disturbed or upset by him. He took to sitting at the stairs of the stage facing the VIPs!

Sit like a Boss !
Sit like a Boss !

The CEO of Suria KLCC  ,  Andrew Brien , then gave his speech – short and powerful one. Suria KLCC has collaborated with NASOM ( The  National Autism Society of Malaysia)   for the past five years and have to-date raised Rm1.4 million for NASOM. The money raised has provided scholarships for autistic children to get into mainstream schools and also setting up NASOM centers .

The highlight of the afternoon was of course the Launch gambit to kick start the Sunshine September. In conjunction with the event , there were also booths set up but what really caught my eyes wee the paintings by the autistic children which were displayed for sale. I don’t think I can even paint half as nice!

Launching of Sunshine September
Launching of Sunshine September
Sunshine September @ Alamanda Putrajaya
Paintings by Autistic children for sale
Some of the paintings for sale.
Some of the paintings for sale.

Another highlight that afternoon was the performance by Malaysia’s 1st Autistic Choir – The NASOM Maestro.

The NASOM Maestro Choir - Malaysia's First Autistic Choir
The NASOM Maestro Choir – Malaysia’s First Autistic Choir

The video below speaks for itself. Excuse my amateur vid – taken by Galaxy Note 4 only.They were cool and calm and delivered 2 songs with gusto ! Of course we clapped like crazy to encourage them! Bravo, kids! Well done!

YOU wanna help ??


Of course you do! We are the caring Malaysians, aren’t we ?? 🙂 There are several way you can do so ;

1. Head over to Suria KLCC Mall, Alamanda Shopping Center or Mesra Mall to purchase the exclusive Sunshine September merchandise. Buy for yourselves, your friends , keep them for christmas gifts …you will love the purple!

Sunshine September merchandise

2. Shop at the retail partners in any of the 3 malls. Part of the sales proceeds will be channeled to NASOM. You can identify the participating outlets with these signs :

sunshine September retail partner

3. None of the above Malls are convenient for you ? Write a cheque then !

Make your cheques out to The National Autism Society of Malaysia and send them to:

Lot No. 241, Level 2,
Suria KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur


The cheques will be collated and forwarded to NASOM by September 30,2015.

You feel good now? I have something for you too !

I saw these and could not resist buying them! If you know of an autistic child who might like the mug, send me a comment below and email your address to I have nine to give away, so first come first served, okay?

sunshine September giveaway

Kudos to Suria KLCC for taking the initiative and together with them,

Let’s make a difference !


Cheers !


September 10,2015 :

umar hafizal


Umar Hafizal’s video has reached over 20,000 likes. The new target now is 50,000 likes. Suria KLCC will donate RM50,000 to NASOM when the likes reach 50,000 . So, please, get your friends, uncles, aunties, like this video to help raise funds for NASOM.

God Bless you !

52 thoughts on “Sunshine September

  1. Full marks to Suria KLCC for the great and generous gesture and support, I hope more get behind worthy causes like this, very heartening with all the strife in the world today!!!

    1. Hi Betty, Suria KLCC hopes that this campaign will generate more awareness about these special kids and that they can indeed be talented if nurtured correctly. Unfortunately some parents of autistic children do not even know that there is help available.

  2. I didn’t know about autism sunshine september until I read your post, this is so meaningful !
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the video. I watched it, coz I wander how autism sings.

    This post has been so heart-warming since the beginning,and l like it!

    btw, I don’t have any autism child, can I just have one of the bottle? hehehe

    1. Hi Maple, hope you have liked Umar Hafizal’s video too. Latest now is that Suria KLCC will donate Rm50,000 for 50,000 likes ! Get 10 people to like and I send you a bottle ! 🙂

    1. Let’s hope that’s the case. There are still many insensitive people around. These kids are indeed special and if nurtured correctly , can bring out their talents.

    1. Yes indeed. At least they are doing their part in social responsibility.This is their 6th year in collaboration with NASOM. Hope they continue to do so.

  3. Such talent and cheers to your great support to making this worthy cause more meaningful 🙂
    It’s truly very touching and these kids are wonderfully brimming with talent. Thumbs up for this lovely gesture 🙂

  4. I’ve heard Umar’s rendition of You Raise Me Up several times over the radio for the past few days. It’s great to see that NASOM & Suria KLCC are helping autistic kids shine in their own ways.

  5. thanks for sharing! yea these kids deserve a chance in society 🙂
    after all just because they are lacking of something doesn’t mean they are fully dysfunctional.
    With the right care and teachings they are just like us, people just need the patience and a gentle heart

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