Tanjung Malim Pau – after 89 years

Tanjung Malim used to be “MUST STOP” place whenever you travel from the North to Kuala Lumpur. I remember the place well as not only a toilet break  but also where you supposedly get the best pau*. That was before the North South Highway . After the North-South Highway was opened Tanjung Malim was bypassed and the only place we still get the pau were at the Rest areas .

Tanjung Malim was revisited when I had to go over for some business meeting . I was actually excited to revisit the pau place !

A search with Mr Google showed some rave reviews about Yik Mun pau – the famous Tanjung Malim Pau,  since 1926. I talked my biz partner Tan into stopping by Yik Mun.


As it was a working day , mid morning , we were the only other customer there. Service was ummmm….. disinterested ? We had to ask for someone to take our orders. Just coffee and pau.

Coffee took 5 minutes to be served, the pau another 10 minutes . Tan had Kopi-O (black coffee) while I had white coffee. The Kopi-O was dilute while my white coffee was obviously 3-in-1.

.Yik Mun

But the Kari ayam pau…….aiyayayah…..

The Curry chicken filling was definitely not memorable , in fact I found it quite inedible . Taste of curry powder and not much other flavor. The pau texture was rough and the skin was thick .

Tan gave me the killer look like ” Are you serious ? Best Pau ? ” I have even ordered take-away to impress my kids …too late to cancel.

Obviously we did not finish the food or drinks .

The following were my take-away.

kaya pau

Kaya Pau :

The Kaya (egg and coconut jam) was not too bad though rough in texture but is flavorful. As you can see, the filling is not very much . This was definitely better than the Kari Ayam.





Red Bean Pau :

Nothing spectacular about the red bean. Nothing like the smooth, fragrant red bean we have been spoilt with. Rough and sweet that’s all.


dagingPau Daging (Beef) :

This is supposed to be another signature Pau but again I found it inedible. It tasted like some beef fried with curry powder.




Times have changed and so has people’s taste buds. We do not mind  paying for good quality filling and good pau dough with fine texture. I feel sad for Tanjung Malim Pau . After 89 years , I am sorry to say, the Pau quality has definitely deteriorated. There are good flour in the market and good machines to make good pau. They really should keep up with times, improve the pau dough and improve the quality of the fillings.


Yik Mun









Do you really want the address ?

I liked the mug though …. 🙂

If you really want to check it out yourself …

Restoran Yik Mun

1 Jalan Slim Lama,

35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak,


Rating: 3/10

* Pau – a steamed bun made from yeast dough with different types of filling inside.



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