The Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table


23, Jalan SS20/11,Damansara Kim,47400 Petaling Jaya,Selangor


At my son’s recommendation, we decided to try The Kitchen Table for my birthday celebration. We checked the menu online and it looked quite pricey so we thought it could be a fine dining restaurant ( my fault for not checking reviews !). Suffice to say, I voted myself the best dressed that night in the restaurant! Of  course my dear companions could not stop giggling ,but hey, I am the birthday person,yo !


Anyway, we already had in mind what to order so it was easy. We ordered the big plates to share among four of us.
For drinks, we had the Lemongrass and Ginger Fizz. I expected it to be full of flavor . I simply love lemongrass drinks. My expectations fizzed out when it came. Looked good with some sticks of lemon grass, lemon slices and mint in it but absolutely no lemongrass taste or smell. (Tip to Kitchen Table: you have to smash the lemon grass for it exude the fragrance) The drink was just a glorified ginger ale really.
Lemongrass and ginger fizz


Then came the Bucatini Pasta, fennel & chilli pork ragu with curry oil. Pretty good and tasty, full of flavor but not anything that I would say “wow!” . Portion was smaller than I expected but it was enough to around.


Bucatini pasta


Next was the Buckwheat Fried Chicken with thai basil crisps. Seriously, best fried chicken I have eaten! All is forgiven over the Fizz ! Crispy outside and juicy tasty chicken inside…absolute yum ! I salivate just writing this ! You can imagine the chicken just disappeared in a blink including the basil crisps ! Well done, Kitchen Table. Compliments to the chef.


Buckwhear chicken


We really looked forward to the next dish, Sticky Pork Ribs with kicap manis, curry leaf oil & calamansi lime. Well, it didn’t fail us. The meat was soft, falling off the bones. the gravy was superb, sweetish and thick.
I could not resist ordering a loaf of sourdough bread to enjoy the gravy. Unfortunately the sourdough was quite a disappointment, lacking the traditional sourdough fragrance which I had expected. It was quite rubbery. Looked like it was undermixed and underproofed. (pssst…I was an ex-baker )
Anyway the pork ribs were were gorgeous and by now we were stuffed !


Sticky pork ribs
We still have the birthday cake. good we could just order a slice of NY cheesecake and they kindly wrote a birthday greeting on the plate. Pretty good cheesecake but we were all so full , it was a struggle to even finish that slice.
Overall, it was a good experience. Happy with the food albeit a bit pricey. Total bill was about Rm200.


Thanks everyone for a lovely dinner. Still drooling over the chicken!


Visit their website for the menu :


Let me know your favorite dish from there!

Rating: 7.8/10

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