Thule Gauntlet 13″ MacBook Pro Sleeve

Ed had been looking for a sleeve to protect his MacBook. He did not like the soft EVA foam type. His criteria was maximum protection as he has to lug it around in his work and in his own words, able to withstand being thrown around in his backpack.

Well, while shopping around for his backpack, he was happy to find the Thule EnRoute Strut Daypack and was even happier when he saw the Thule Gauntlet 13″ MacBook Pro Sleeve ! He is now a fan of Thule !

This Thule sleeve  definitely looks classy with a moulded semi-rigid shell made from high-density polyurathane which is water resistant. It does look like the inside of a grill pan …but yeah , nice.

Thule Gauntlet 13" MacBook Pro Sleeve




It does look “manly” , yet the touch of blue zipper head does add some youthfulness and looks trendy. I must compliment the designer for the classy branding of Thule on the zipper head , a debossed metal plate at the middle of the top cover and also the hot stamped brand in white. Nicely done.

Thule Gauntlet 13" MacBool Pro Sleeve


The zip is water resistant and almost half hidden after you zip it up. Pretty cool and looks sturdy.

Thule Gauntlet 13" MacBook Pro Sleeve

When you open it there is a strap inside where you can slide your MacBook in and it does not move anywhere. In any case the sleeve fits the 13″ snugly , I do not think it will even move !

Thule Gauntlet 13" Macbook Pro Sleeve


The other cool thing about is that you can use it in the case itself .

Thule Gauntlet 13" MacBook Pro Sleeve


Oh and it comes with a 25 years quality guarantee too !

Thule warrantee

Ed was really pleased with this protective sleeve which not only does its job well but also looks rugged.

There is also a similar sleeve for a 15″ MacBook.

Definitely a good purchase.


Rating: 10/10





34 thoughts on “Thule Gauntlet 13″ MacBook Pro Sleeve

    1. Hi Sherry
      Thanks for dropping by. My daughter now wants one too cos she is a bit clumsy so this is good protection for her Mac.

  1. The cover look like it could carry and protect a bomb. It looks gorgeous and strong at the same time. Great that you like it. I like it too. Too bad I don’t have a Macbook to fit in haha

    1. Hi Nicole, thanks for dropping by. Glad you like the sleeve – has to be super durable to warrant a 25 years quality warranty !

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