Thule EnRoute Strut Daypack

I have always associated Thule with carriers so I was surprised when my son Ed announced that he wanted to buy a Thule backpack from his latest pay. He decided to check out FunSportz at 10 Boulevard in Petaling Jaya with sister Ann.

Ed is 18 , Ann is 20. Both have their own minds what they want and I am used having them make their own decision on purchases ( especially if it is from their own money). Few times ,however, Ed has always been ignored at stores, even though he looks older than 18. This time was no exception. There was one customer in the store and 3 staff. Nobody acknowledged Ed and Ann – they might just as well be transparent.

While they both looked and examined the stuff they were interested in, they were completely ignored. I would have walked out if I were there but since Ed was so in love with the bag, he just had to have it ! Hang the customer service !

Anyway the backpack he chose was a Thule EnRoute Strut Daypack (TESD-115) , which I had to agree was a pretty awesome backpack.

Thule Enroute Strut Daypack


The bag size is 12.8″(l) x 7.9″(w) x 18.1″(h) / 32.5(l) x 20.1(w) x 46(h) cm , which is what I would consider medium size, large enough for a 15″ laptop . Material is water resistant nylon. Basic black color with decorative colored strips which is non-reflective.

What really caught my attention was the heat-molded, crush-proof SafeZone compartment where you can keep the more fragile items like sunglasses and handphones.

Thule EnRoute Stryt Daypack


Below the Safezone compartment is the Stash pocket in front for instant reach of things. There are 2 side pockets for water bottle and other things.

The back is well padded and the inside has a padded top-load sleeve for a laptop and a slip pocket for an iPad/tablet. The sleeve is suspended , so your laptop will not hit the ground , should you “dump” your bag. The good padding and the suspended sleeve provides really good protection for the laptop. That is a big plus point for Ed in his line of work.  The other side compartments for stationeries and stuff.Thule EnRoute Strut Daypack


I found a great YouTube video to show the uses of the bag.

have you ever heard of a 25 years quality guarantee for a bag ? The Thule EnRoute Strut Daypack has it ! OMG ! Seriously ? I AM impressed !

Thule enroute Strut Daypack guarantee


For the price paid ,RM340 ( after 10% discount) , I think it is a really good buy and worth it ,compared to backpacks like Nike and other brands of the same price range.

Ed must have missed the offer on Amazon – USD58. Would not have to put up with bad customer service . Buy online,Ed.


Product rating: 9.5/10

Customer Service of retailer : 4/10


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4 thoughts on “Thule EnRoute Strut Daypack

  1. Oh, Girl…
    As someone who has 10 years of customer service experience under her belt, nothing lights a fire under my bum more than customers being ignored. Were it not for the customer, those sales people would not even have a job. UGH!
    That backpack, though.. It seems pretty top notch! I’ve never heard of any warranty on a backpack much less a 25 year warranty on a backpack before! VERY impressive! That tells me that this is a product built to last. The design of them make me think a little bit of Under Armour backpacks, and those are also expensive, but I don’t think theirs has a warranty to back up how good a product theirs are.


  2. Hi,

    This is a really cool sounding backpack! I can see how various types of persons could use it, not just students or those who work frequently with their laptops.

    Great niche idea for a website 🙂

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